German Development Bank, KfW

The Federal Republic of Germany made available a financial contribution of EUR 5 million to support the development of the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor, from November 2007. The funds are being channeled through the German Development Bank, KfW.

The project aims to initiate the economically sustainable development and conservation management of one of the most significant and widely recognized wildlife corridors in the SADC Region. The goals are the conservation of biodiversity in the miombo-woodland ecosystem and the overall improvement of the livelihoods of local communities by sustainable use of natural resources to combat poverty. The project is based on the previous work conducted by GTZ and the Global Environment Facility/UNDP project. 

Financing operations is - inter alia - directed towards

  1. Strengthening the existing and establishing additional village Wildlife Management Areas through development of land use and management plans, communication facilities and equipment of scout units
  2. Support to relevant district game and land offices
  3. Investment support to the Zonal Anti-Poaching Unit of the Wildlife Division
  4. Capacity building of the CBOs, training, specialist short term studies, the production of business plans and management plans
  5. Investment support to the Likuyu Training Centre

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