The Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor Project

With a US$1 million support from the Global Environment Facility/UNDP the Government of Tanzania initiated the conservation of the corridor in 2005. The project "Development and Management of the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor" worked towards extending community based natural resources management from the southern support-zone of the Selous Game Reserve towards the border with Mozambique. Villages in Namtumbo and Tunduru Districts were helped towards establishing a network of WMA linking the Selous and Niassa Game Reserves. Benefits from sustainable natural resources management are to enhance the livelihood security of rural poor and promote the long-term conservation of the corridor. "GTZ-International Services" implemented this cooperation project of the Wildlife Division and UNDP, which ended in 2009. During late 2004 the District Authorities, GTZ and the "Mtwara Development Corridor" conducted a joint planning study for tourism development, wildlife based industries and participatory forest management along the Ruvuma river Interface.

With increasing dialogue and cross-border cooperation this region could develop into one of the world`s largest transfrontier conservation areas, contributing to nature protection, poverty reduction and peace.

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